How to Turn IG into a Cash Machine in 2018

It is time for you to turn your IG into a cash machine.


Instagram is due to be at 1 billion users in 2018. How exciting is that. My tribe is constantly growing and I let them know all of the top buzz on Instagram. Instagram has come up with so many new features and the platform is growing constantly.

If you have a business/brand then Instagram is the platform that you need to utilize in 2018! All 1 billion users are there for your access. You’d be a fool not to use the platform to grow your account and make that IG money!

Top IG features to help Monetize your Account


Hashtag Follow Feature

The new feature for Hashtags is the ability to follow Hashtags just as you can follow Instagram users. I’m not to sure why Instagram did this to themselves. This is the absolute easiest way to get your targeted audiences attention.

First benefit is that you can follow hashtags yourself and they Top posts will come through your feeds. You can comment like and follow that Top post user if you wish. This allows your account to be seen in the Top Post comment area and more people will take notice of you.

Second Benefit is you can now go into a followers account and see who they are follow and THE HASHTAGS THEY ARE FOLLOWING! What does this mean for you? This means that when you create your posts you can use these hashtags in your posts and you know that the user will see your posts. Instagram is giving that user to you! Do your research, it will take time but in the end you’ll have all of the answers to the test. Instagram users will flock to you instead of you chasing them! Make sure your account is well put together so that it is something that is intriguing enough for them to stay, follow, and buy from you.


It goes Down in the DM well it really should anyways

If you don’t go after it then you really don’t want it. How serious are you about turning your IG into a cash machine? Look you can’t just post a picture add some hashtags and expect folks to just buy from you. You have to build the relationship drop some knowledge and then Go After the sale. Now listen if your products are popping and something folks really want they will get the sale with little effort but according to psychology it takes 7xs of constant contact, views, and reminders before a person trusts you enough to buy from you.

My suggestion build that relationship through Direct Messaging. Jump in their DMs initially for networking purposes, then build a relationship, and coax them into a sale. Get them interested and let THEM ask to buy from you! This technique works trust me.

Think about it, if someone just met you and started shoving products in your face would you purchase from them? I wouldn’t I’d give them the side eye. So don’t be afraid start out with a friendly general conversation and who knows where it will lead!

IG Stories is UP and POPPING

Instagram stories is an awesome new addition to Instagram . Video marketing is the way to go for this millennium. People want information fast, and want it to be visually appealing. Through IG stories you can showcase your products, teach how to sessions, take your followers into your back office, and more. This is a way for you to get up close and personal with your followers.

The added features that come with IG stories are a great help for you with marketing. You can add hashtags, poll your audience, and even have fun filters to enhance your photos. If you have over 10k followers you can add a link that allows users to swipe up and go directly to your webpage!

Get in that screen and start selling!


Come alive with Instagram Live

Yes yes yes the infamous IG live ! Go live with your audience and let them see you. Just like Instagram stories Instagram Live allows you to be able to video market to your audience BUT with IG live its in the moment and present time.

With IG Live you can do a live Q&A, you can even invite a guest to go live with you and do an interview, you can show off your products or show creation of your products all while live!

People always want to see the person behind the brand , give it to them!


You want to learn more?

Making money from Instagram is not is not always easy. It took me a while to study the techniques and now I gain most of my income from Instagram!

I have put together a class that will walk you through step by step how you can make money from your Instagram account.

MOney moves

$From Following to Paypal Bling$

The course Topics include:

  • How to find your ideal clients
  • How to create a sales funnel through your Instagram bio
  • How to create killer content that pulls your customers in for the sale
  • How to master your business insights that will help you position your account for the optimal posting and engagement times
  • Giving you Hashtags that will help you get sales and teach you Hashtag secrets that work
  • Teach you how to work with Influencers and Sponsor
  • Teach you how to go Live and utilize Instagram stories
  • Instagram Ads
  • A class on creating graphics and amazing digital products with Canva
  • DM Templates and ways to get the sale through direct message marketing

If our ready to take your account to the next level Sign Up today!

Lets Do This

If you’re not exactly ready for this level but would love to learn more about optimizing and monetizing our Instagram account join our Tribe that is built just for that!

Join the Instagram Monetization Tribe Today!

Throughout it all business is all about passion, delivery, and progress. Do what you need to do to get the sale. Learn what you can and grow! Hope to see you in the group!



Rocki’s Complete Instagram Guide for 2018


2017 is coming to an end and you have learned so much about Instagram from me that you should be sick, so why are some of you still struggling? My thoughts are that you have stopped trying, you don’t care, or you don’t want to put in the effort to be successful.

I don’t think  you are aware of how BIG Instagram is and how MUCH money you can make!

In a 2016 Forbes article, you can read HERE , Forbes spoke on how much success one can receive on Instagram in comparison to Facebook. An increase in likes, follows, and MONEY from customers.

It’s true. I myself have grown my account to 14 thousand 100 followers, have added 444 members onto my Facebook account , and received most of my clients from the platform.

It can be worked but you have to work it.

So instead of calling you all lazy, and unmotivated i’m going to give this one more shot and tell you EVERYTHING you need to know to grow your Instagram accounts.

Tips, Secrets, Everything

Grab a seat grab a notepad and lets begin.

Instagram Bio

The first thing anyone sees when they log into your Instagram account is your  BIO,

It looks like such: File Nov 24, 2 10 22 PMYour BIO has to be amazing in order to catch and KEEP your potential new follower and client/customer. You want to make it POP.


Lets start with your IG profile pic. Louise Myers has some amazing Instagram profile picture tips.

My biggest tips are similar to hers and I speak on them often when I meet with new clients.

  • Make sure your profile pic is clear. You only have a circle so fill it up completely.
  • It has been shown that a Profile Pic with your face is best. Logos can be ok but they are more impersonal. Most followers want to deal with a real person so show them that you are real.
  • It has also been shown that pictures with you wearing glasses give you a one up on others. why this is I have no clue but it works!


You can think of your BIO as an introduction to your Instagram account. That being said you want your Instagram account to be interesting, creative and eye opening. You are a business however and that means that you must also answer the basic questions about your account. I call it 5 W’s and a H magic. You must answer these questions in your profile BUT you must also do so with limited characters, you have 150.

  • Who is your ideal client
  • What is the problem you are solving (magic sales trick)
  • When are you available to connect
  • Where are you located, where are your sales, are you national?
  • Why are you doing what you do , what do you love about it? Use a catchy tagline
  • How are you helping them? Product, call, consultation

Again you don’t have that much space so use it wisely. Add emojis make it appealing and fun.

SECRET TIP: Type your bio all aligned in an outside source like notepad and paste it into the edit bio section and it will stay aligned. 

Your Business Link

Your business link that you post on IG should lead to your website, or a landing page, blog, or sales page, fb group/page, anything that will drive your sales.

Use a link shortener if you do not have an actual website. The last thing you want in your nice neat profile is a sloppy ass link.


If you have a lot of links leading a few different ways a Link Tree may be what is best for you. Read this article to understand the magic of Link Tree.


Instagram Themes


Instagram can be somewhat bland if you don’t make it interesting. Instagram themes are a way to use that creative spark inside of you .

One thing that goes along with IG themes is the need to keep the content consistent. If you are a business based around dogs then you don’t want pictures of your cat.


For example do not have a ton of selifes and family photos if it has nothing to do with the sale of purses. Unless your daughter or son is rocking a purse DON’T DO IT.  

Now for the creative pieces. There are a TON of IG themes you can use on your account.

Below are examples and the names of the themes.

For a complete training on theming and the different types Click Here

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Post Captions

Now that you have your posts together and your bio is looking clean and crisp we have to pay attention to the post itself.

When you post a picture you need some key things in mind.

  • What problem are you trying to solve
  • What story are you trying to tell
  • What is the CTA (Call to action), what do you want the potential follower to do?

Tell a story with your  posts, make it interesting.

Your caption has a 2200 character limit, you don’t want it too long but you don’t want it too short ether.

Front load the most important info first because after a while Instagram will close up the paragraph and the reader will have to select read more in order to see what else you have to say.

Make sure your post picture and your CTA are relative to each other. If you have a new blog post a good idea is to get a picture from your blog post and have an excerpt from the blog as your caption.



So now we get into the natty gritty. The magic. The sauce. What grows your followers and creates your sales.


So I’m not going to get into what hashtags are , you should know already so I don’t want to insult you. As you know hashtags bring folks to your posts and to your account. There are so many ways that you can utilize hashtags for engagement that its ridiculous and I cannot write everything . I will however give you the hottest tips and redirect you to my Facebook group that has loads and loads of trainings and IG HASTAG tricks.

Hashtag Basics:

  • You can use 30 hashtags per post (there’s a hack for this) Join the Facebook group below for access to the 60 hashtag hack…
  • Make sure you do your hashtag research, each hashtag has a number under it. That number represents all the posts that are under that particular hashtag. A hashtag with over 1 million posts will drown your post and not many will see it because 1 million people or more are using the same hashtag and your posts is slowly falling down the feed. A hashtag that has between 500000 – 1 mil can be a perfect mix of max engagement and you will stay in the feel longer. A hashtag that  has between 200000-500000 may or may not give you a great engagement value but you will get more likes throughout the week. A hashtag with a value of 50000-200000 will get you low engagement but may put you in the top posts running’s. Finally a post with 50000 and below ill definitely put you in the top posts area if you engage correctly and time your posts based off of your direct business insights. To learn more about hashtag research Click Here.
  • Hashtag perfect Hashtag Value mix:
    • 10 Hashtags 1mill and Up
    • 5 Hashtags 500000 and up
    • 5 Hashtags 200000 and up
    • 5 Hashtags 50000 and up
    • 5 Hashtags 0- 50000

This is the basics that will get you a good jumpstart in the game. To stay in the loop about the latest hashtags and trending posts with hashtags connect with me in the Instagram Monetization Group!


Your doing something wrong

People really aren’t paying you attention because your marketing your business all wrong.


Business Account Or Personal Account?

There has been a great debate about whether it is worth it to switch to a business Instagram Account or not. My personal opinion is that if you are a business then you need a business account. The reason nobody wants to switch to a Business Insta is because there is a proven fact that you lose engagement.

This Sucks

The reason this happens is because ever since Instagram added business Instagram option and Facebook bought out Insta there is market for it. Businesses can now, like Facebook, use paid Ads to get their message across to the masses. So in order for you to see engagement they want you to pay for it.

There is a work around for it of course. There are features that Business Instagram has that Personal accounts do not.

The Top 3 benefits of Business IG

  1. Easier for your business to be found and indexed. Instagram has clickable buttons that will send a client directly where  you want them to head. Buttons include: Call Now, Email, Directions, and Website. Just insert your information and its complete.
  2. Analytics. Instagram analytics with the business account is crazy! They can tell you what time to post, what to post, how man people have viewed your account, viewed your profile as a whole. They also tell you what your followers look like, make/female, their age group, and where they are located. These are great ways to steer your engagement. This allows you to adjust post times and content for your page. Learn more on Business Instagram Analytics.
  3. You and utilize Instagram Ads. Just like Facebook you can use ads to buy impressions that can potentially turn into sales. You must have Facebook fan page in order to have a business Instagram account and this reason for this is for the purpose of Ad payment. Whatever method you have for payment of your FB ads will be the same for your IG ads.

As you can see Business IG is was more beneficial then a personal Instagram, at least if you have a business. What you want do to is chose which account you want to use and stick to it. If you go back and forth between business and personal your engagement will go WAY DOWN because Instagram will be punishing you for trying to “cheat the system”

Instagram Stories/ Instagram Live

OK so another fun feature with Instagram is stories and live. Think of Instagram Stories like Snapchat and naturally Instagram Live followed in Facebook lives footsteps. You post quick videos and can use features like the Boomerang effect, stickers, filters, and if you have over 10k followers you can throw your website link or any link of your choice in there.

Instagram Live is just that. You are live in front of your audience. This is great for interviews, behind the scenes at events and more. They have recently allowed others to tag along on the fun by being guests on your IG live video!

To learn more on Instagram Stories read The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Stories

Engagement Hack that isn’t really a Hack


The NUMBER 1 question I get asked and I’m about tired of answering , hence why this blog is a lifesaver, “Rocki how do I get engagement on my account?”

Brace yourself your going to hate me for 10 seconds, but here’s your answer:

  • Log in to your account! Stop posting pics and thinking that the magic Instagram fairy is going to rain likes and follows on your ass
  • Post good stuff! Post pics people wanna see we are about tired of your boring ass grainy ass selfie pictures. Those pics have NOTHING to do with your business and believe me Nobody is checking for you Boo
  • Reciprocity. This is my fave word. Give and you shall get. How are you going to bug the heck out of people asking for engagement when you don’t give it. You have followers just for numbers and that aint right. If I was your follower and you didn’t like my posts I would have left your page a long time ago! You not liking my ish so why would I like yours?

I created the ultimate blog to help you to get max engagement and get the ball rolling. It’s time for you to get the Traffic and Engagement you deserve.


So look boom there it is . Everything that is going to set you up for Instagram success in 2018. There is so much more to learn about Instagram that I simply cannot cram into this tiny ole blog, so to learn a lot more and to be apart of a tribe of dope entrepreneur that loves IG as much as you do join the Instagram Monetization Tribe





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Your Instagram account bores me


It seems that once we’ve seen one Instagram account we have seen them all. The selfies are out of control and the products you sell are cool BUT who is selling them, lemme see a face?!

I’m not one to nit pick , well maybe I am because IG is my life, but can we spice up your IG account please!

There are two things that irk the hell out of me:

  1. When you represent a brand but your IG represents something else.
  2. When you have nothing but pics of your face on your account


3. When You have a boring ass Instagram account. No color. No life. No theme.

Lets address each one at a time.


Represent your Brand and be consistent

When you have a business it is key that you are consistent with what you represent. Double backing on what you sell and who you are is a sure way to lose a lead, follower, or customer. If you have an Instagram account that is about breeding dogs, would it be appropriate to have pictures of cats? Makes no sense right? Three things happen when you do this:

  • you confuse your message
  • you seem inconsistent and unstable
  • your customer won’t take you serious

Its key that you stick to what your selling or what you represent. If you are a public speaker or advocate for something make sure you post quotes, messages, and encouragement for that cause. If your a makeup artist stick to posting pics of you beating someone’s face or the products you use. You want your customer to go to your IG account and know EXACTLY what they are looking at and what they can get from you.


Enough selfies already!

Ok, we get it your cute, you like yourself, and your makeup and hair are on point, but seeing this everyday is boorriinnggggg. What does your face have to do with the products and business you run? Now don’t get it twisted or confused, the occasional selfies are great when you are trying to show people that you are the owner, ceo, manager, and you want to be represented and known for what you do. I get that..

I’m talking about those folks that post selfie from the left side, selfie from the right side, selfie with a hair flip, selfie with a coke can, and selfie with a 5 dollar bill in their hand. STOP IT NOW YOUNG LADY!

When you post nothing but selfies people think that you are self centered. You are self consumed and you will not care about helping them or performing proper customer service. Besides what does a million pics of your face have to do with your brand or business? WHERE THE PRODUCTS AT?


Your account is as dry as a leaf in winter

Instagram was built on a platform of creativity… So get creative! This is your chance to color, create and theme! If your business is built around your brand and you want to post products all day long cool but no one wants to just be sold to all day long. Turn your page into something that people WANT to look at makes them want to stay on your page!

Here are some examples of eye catching Instagram Themes:

Make these themes work for you. For a full class on Instagram themes and how to design them join the Instagram group. I teach a whole class on over 10 IG themes that will work for your brand.



At the end of the day it’s your Instagram account but if your a business, the goal is to drive traffic, gain loyal customers, and make money. Make an Instagram account worth having and earn the dollars that you deserve.

Don’t be an Instabore!

If your account is lacking engagement in general lets get that fixed so that you get the audience you want and need.

Gain Targeted Followers Now


My Top 5 Instagram Apps in 2018

As a social media manager I have to use tools to get me through the day. There is way to much planning involved and I will lose track fast!

When it comes to managing Instagram accounts  I have 3 things that I have to provide to my clients at all times : Consistent posting, Continual Growth, and Constant Engagement.

Although I can handle accounts and the obligation to my clients, when it comes to having multiple clients I can be very overwhelmed. I also want to make sure that I provide my clients with Maximum results while being super organized .

I also have an amazing tribe called the Instagram Monetization Tribe and I train them on all things Instagram. How to monetize and grow their Instagram accounts. If you want in on the action join here : IG Monetization.

I’m obligated to show them the best so here I am sharing my Top 5 Instagram Apps in 2018!

Tag O Matic .jpg

Tag O’ Matic

Tag O’ Matic is my go to app to find hashtags. It is super easy. All  you do is put in the search bar the niche of your picture, brand, or business, and Tag O’ Matic finds the top trending hashtags for you! You can save all of these hashtags into your favorites group so that it is easier to post on a consistent basis. You can copy the hashtags as one complete set and then post to your Instagram. You can also add default hashtags so that the default hashtags will stay for every hashtag search you create.

The only thing I do not like is when you post your hashtags there is the annoying Instagram Tag O’ Matic account handle added BUT you can erase this as you post your hashtags.

Download Here



The followers app is my favorite app by far! This amazing app allows you to track your followers, unfollowers, blockers, deleted likes/comments and a ton more. It also has analytics that tells you who your ghost followers are (those folks that never like or comment) so that you can delete them. It shows your most active and least active followers as well. This can be of great benefit because you can reward your followers and you can also engage with your actives knowing that they will return the favor to you!

You do have to pay for some of the extra features but they are well worth it.


Preview App

Preview App is THE BEST APP for theming your IG Account. My tribe knows that in order to have a variety of amazing followers that are interested in your work you must have a beautiful IG account. I teach a little about this in my 2018 Instagram Guide. There is also a segment on the importance of having an Instagram Theme.

The app is perfectly named based on the fact that you can preview your feed before even  posting! It allows you to move things around shift them left and right and create y our ideal theme in advance.

Click HERE to learn all about preview app from their direct website.

Here are some key features of Preview App:

  • Design amazing themes
  • Schedule unlimited Posts
  • Find Hashtags
  • Test Hashtags
  • Repost Videos and Photos

Follow Preview App on Instagram you won’t regret it!


Command App

When my tribe member introduced me to this app I could hug here for years, but she lives far from me lol.

The command app is an all in one App that has the ability to grade your account as if you are back in High School. That’s right straight A’s B’s and even F’s!.

It gives you professional analytics, hourly stat tracking, insights on specific posts, and tools that help you to optimize your account. This includes: Ways to export your data and analytics, Hashtag suggestions, Top 100 hashtags, and more.

When the Command App grades you it gives you a grade for each specific area of your account. Example it’ll give you an C if it feels that your engagement isn’t working for you, it then tells you what you need to do to get a A+.

Amazing!  Download it Here



This app is the app I just recently downloaded and have been raving about. Smarthash is an app that allows you do to split testing.

All you do is plug in your 30 hashtags and post. After a while your hashtags will light up a gray, yellow, or red color. Gray means there’s not much action, yellow is medium action and red is use those hashtags NOW!

The more you use Smart hash the more accurate it becomes.

When you do split testing you simply go to your 30 hashtags and chose the “Split Test Copy” button . The Smarthash app will then divide the hashtags for you and then you can post. Once you post you will be able to see which hashtag sets work best!

This is great for doing Hashtag research. Download it Here




As I’ve said earlier these are my favorite apps. What are some apps that you use that could be of value to others? Comment them below.

If you want to be apart of a dope ass tribe where you can learn to organically grow your Instagram account, learn how to monetize your Instagram, and build a fantastic business, Join Us Here!

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for awesome tips, tricks, and hacks…

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8 Ways to make money on Instagram in 2018

2018 is coming get an early start

So 2018 is coming and your Instagram account is growing so it’s time to take that next step. Instagram has blossomed from being strictly a photo exposure platform into a place to conduct business and sell products. Instagram is now on ur team! Small businesses are winning! Even if you don’t have a business it is too easy to start one on the Instagram platform. I’m going to help you by showing you 8 ways to make money in 2018 so that your new year has a fresh start full of prosperity and tons of dollaz…


8 ways to make money on Instagram in 2018

When you have a business already established


People are nosy, they always want to see what is going on behind the scenes. Some folks are just curious and interested in how things are being done. If you show this through photos it just may lead to a sale. Some people have to see the effort you put into your work in order for them want to purchase from you. It makes them feel like you are doing it specific for them.

If you have a product show  a photo of you piecing the product together, putting your luxury clothes on a rack, or even cutting up lettuce as it pertains to your meal plan. If you have a digital product show scenes of you putting together your infographic or your workbook. Take photos of your back office and post, film videos of your live events and speaking engagement. If you are an author or poet do a reading of your book or quote your favorite bit of advice! Show your potential clients what you have to offer


Word of mouth and testimonies are the best form of flattery. When you get a happy client or customer show them off! Post a photo of them and product they purchased smiling and excited. When others see this it is telling them that they will receive this same happiness from your product. If you don’t have a physical  product you can post a picture of your client and their  testimony of the service you provided in quote form.



You have great reach on your page but you will have even greater reach when you show up on others page. Have your client/customer post a picture of the same things stated above on their personal Instagram page. What happens shortly after this will amaze you. People use trust to make purchases. If your customer has trusting followers they are going to question your customer as to where they purchased the awesome product they keep presenting, your previous client will in turn direct them back to you. As an extra boost have your client tag you (ex @rockimediaexpert) in their photo, this way it makes it easier for the client to find you.


This is an easy one everyone loves a good sale. If you offer a sale do it ONLY on Instagram advertise these sales on FB and other platforms but do not disclose all the details. Make them come to you, follow your page, and like and comment on your sales photo.

Starting fresh with no business


Affiliate marketing is where you promote other people’s products, often through an affiliate network, earning a commission if people actually end up buying thanks to your marketing. This is an easy and quick way to make money. Sign up under any affiliate program (make sure it relates to your brand/business), grab your link, and post in your Instagram bio.  Make sure that you are hiding the affiliate link in your bio by using, or tiny url , nothing ruins a IG bio faster then a nasty long affiliate link. As far as graphics go you can get the graphics from your affiliate site or create your own to post.


If you take amazing photos you can sell them on different platforms. They will sell as stock photos for others to buy. Make sure you DO NOT take photos of yourself or anything personal in your life as anyone can buy your photos and share them to hundreds.


If your good at growing Instagram accounts a great way to make money is selling the accounts you build. Many folks want the fame of Instagram right away. They don’t want to take the time to grow accounts themselves. They want to buy them premade, this is especially true for the millennials. When you set up the Instagram account make sure it’s an email account that you don’t mind passing over. Charger per the amount of followers that they will be receiving but definitely do not charge lower then $20 and up…



A shoutout is a screenshot of another user’s profile page uploaded to your account to show support and give exposure to the other user. Shoutouts can increase a user’s followers and provide advertising to small businesses and websites. By shouting out to other users, you may get shoutouts to your account in return. When you have an account with a big following you can charge for these . The one’s that will purchase from you the most are accounts that usually have 5000 and below so make sure your account is way above that level and you have great engagement.


I’ve given you 8 ways to make money online. All of these tactics work whether you have a business already or not. They key to earning money, as with anything else Instagram, is consistency. Some money will be faster coming in then others so be patient

Helpful Links (Click)

Amazon Affiliate Marketing               Sell your IG photos Here

ITunes Affiliate Program                     Sell your Instagram account


To learn more ways you can Monetize your Instagram account join the growing group




5 Entrepreneur No No’s in 2017

Your doing something wrong

People really aren’t paying you attention because your marketing your business all wrong.

I really tried not to giggle at this cartoon but it’s funny and so true. Nobody is going to pay attention to your business if you don’t even seem like you want your business. I mean does anyone even put in an effort in their business anymore? You would think that if you’ve invested money , time, and effort into starting you would do just as much for marketing and getting your name out there! Seems I’m wrong though.

5 Entreprenuer No No's

I just want money

Let’s be real, that’s really why you started a business, for the money. I mean with all of these get rich quick commercials and  friends pushing products in your face it sure seems enticing. They lie to you about all this money they made but they fail to mention that they are really just making their money back. Either way they hooked you. Your on the grind and you get the products, start the coaching calls and your full speed ahead.


I got a business now!

When you first start you are so excited you can hardly contain it. Soon though, you get scared and notice that hmmm I don’t know what to do next. You reach back out to the entrepreneur that sucked you in or your friend that said she would help you every step of the way and guess what THEY ARENT THERE! What do you do next? Your on your own and you jump right on in, BLIND. Well I’m here to help you out. I’m going to tell you the things you don’t want to do!


5 Entrepreneur No No’s

  1. Don’t hop in folks inbox uninvited! If anything annoys people its this! I love Facebook because I’m very social so when I receive a Facebook request for a new friend I’m adding them immediately. It irks me when then next second of accepting a request they are in my inbox trying to sell me something! Like how desperate can you be? What happened to building a relationship first then trying to get the sale?! Do this the right way and I promise you will see the best return.
  2. “The annoying “Comment Me” posts! Ok these posts are also quit annoying. Person will post “If your tired of they way you look and want to change, comment me.” We blindly comment me and BOOM inbox stalker. They are then messaging us about some wrap that we don’t want or need. Come on be more original be direct don’t trick anyone into a sale it’s cowardly and you end up turning into an “unfriended friend.”
  3. The I’ma blow up your group feeds person. So you have been invited to a group where your ideal client hangs out. Next thing you know your surrounded by people that want and need your product. Your super eager so you start posting  your links left and right. Is this ok? Sometimes yes, but if your not providing any other insight you become known as someone that SPAMS. Instead be an active member of the group spread knowledge and have people flocking to you for advice.
  4. Asking a bunch of irrelevant questions that lead to a “Sale”.  “Are you sick of living the way your living?” ; “When was the last time you made any sales.” ; “If I gave you a million dollars what would you do with it?” Now hear me out I know this is a major marketing strategy. It works perfectly BUT if you start interrogating folks without getting to the point they will tire of you very quickly.
  5. Please Share, Please  Retweet. Again a good tactic depending on how your approach is and the type of relationship you have with said individual. If you’ve just met a person online or just posted your content or sale give people time to read it before shoving them to share. Wait for them to comment and tell you what a good job you’ve done. Jumping right into it and asking for the share comes off as desperate and needy. Seems like all you care for are views and likes.

Now these are just things that bother me about how we sell our products and present ourselves.

Comment the things that annoy you about some Entrepreneurs and how they can run their marketing a little bit better…

I always tell my clients that “No one is checking for you Boo” there’s always ways to market  yourself properly and successfully. Do you research and get the sale. The right way!

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